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Original African Frankincense - In the Dr. R. Charles Fernando method - Boscari® Frankincense Capsules
After more than 10 years of intensive research, we marketed the dietary supplement boscari® Frankincense Capsules, original African frankincense of the phylum Boswellia carterii.

Our customers include hospitals, doctors and therapists who have trusted our products for many years and use them as a dietary supplement in their holistic therapeutic concept.

Our products in brief:
•    Boscari® - prepared by the Dr. R. Charles Fernando method
•    Vitalöl (formerly Ausleitungsöl) prepared by the Dr. R. Charles Fernando method
•    Selen  150 (sodium selenite)
•    Exclusive Frankincense Balsam prepared by the Dr. R. Charles Fernando method
•    Buchweizenbergöl Numero 1 / Nasal Care Oil

Important Information:
The products which we distribute are not medications. These products have no pharmacological effect, but act with nutritional-physiological effects as dietary supplements.
The cited effects are not recognized in traditional medicine. Traditional medicine requires placebo-controlled studies for recognition, which are not available for the products. According to jurisdiction, these are thus advertising statements which have not been adequately proven scientifically.
Our positive experience is based on observations in use which do not always apply to every user. It is your own decision whether or not you wish to test the success of the product individually, possibly after consultation with your therapist. Consumption of the products can in no case supplant care by the doctor whom you trust.